BERGAMO-Italy, Museo storico di Bergamo - Convento di S. Francesco 10-20 January 2008

MONTEVIDEO-Uruguay, Sala de Ceremonias de la Intendencia Municipal de Montevideo 26.27.28 March 2008



Artistic Direction: Enzo Marino

More information & photos of the artworks will be added soonest. CLICK HERE for photos of the artwork I'm participating.

official site of the exhibition/Free International Artists (in Italian)

GENERAL INFORMATION: A hommage to Garibaldi, surrounded by lots of parallel events. Free International Artists participate with a travelling exhibition, including artistic performances, conferences, movies' projections, publications etc. referring to the public, as well as the human aspect of Giuseppe Garibaldi.

The show will be structured in three sections: Meeting, art and publishing. The route will begin from the town of Bergamo and will be concluded in the town of Montevideo in Uruguay. The project, treated from Marino Enzo, is organized and sponsored by the Institute Fernando Santi, with the collaboration of the Foundation Of Vittorio and the Free International Artists. "Giuseppe Garibaldi …Man of the freedom, man of humanity…" is under high patronage of the Presidency of the Italian Republic and the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the City of Bergamo, the City of Montevideo, the Italian Institute of Culture in Uruguay, the Cultural Society Garibaldi of Montevideo, and is also supported by some national & international authorities.


Who was really Giuseppe Garibaldi? A man or a hero, pragmatic or idealist, champion of justice or expression of the upper class? It’s very difficult to valuate a so celebrated man, elevated to mythical status, although some historians, writers and filmmakers – like Leonardo Sciascia, Carlo Alianello, Florestano Vancini and Pasquale Squitieri – tried to lead him again to human and historic dimension.
Today, two hundred years after Garibaldi’s birth, sixty artists from every part of the world questioned themselves about the real and official imagine of “two worlds’ hero”. The group exhibition, that will be opened from 10th to 20th January 2008 in Bergamo History Museum and later in Uruguay capital city, propose to the public many languages that converge in the common aim to deeply understand the figure of Giuseppe Garibaldi and his wonderful adventure.
One of the possible ways to read the exhibition is to perceive the art works as spread fragments of a multimedial installation, that aims, by unifying different points of view, to rebuild the complexe personality of Garibaldi. One of the most significant features of this project is the common feeling of artists so far and so different. This is the proof that the contemporary geography of the art doesn’t know the North and the South, the centers and the outskirts, because the man became conscious of his being in the world.

Marco di Mauro


Akbarpour Akbar – Iran
Angela Calella - Italy
Bawa Arvinder – India
Bregel Walda – Israel
Brown Jenny – Australia
Carluccio Giorgio – Italy
Cavia Marisol - Spain
Cecchinato Manuel – Italy
Cho Francesca – Corea
Cristin Laura - Italy
Davinio Caterina – Italy
De Cicco Rossella - Italy
Di Benedetto Roberto - Italy
Engels Chris - Germany
Fleiss Dorothea - Germany
Gayatri Gamuz - Spain
Gautier Micheal - Canada
Giacchetta Natalia – Argentina
Giulianelli Claudio – Italy
Hammer Barbara – Austria
Hamsea Christian – Germany
Keith Rosalind – UK
Kertz Christine – Austria
Hui-Ming Kou – Taiwan
Ledersberger-Lehoczky Elisabeth – Hungary
Simona Luise
Malato Paola - Italy
Manco Dario – Italy
Marino Enzo – Italy
Mercogliano Mario – Italy
Nouvakis Giorgos – Spain/Greece
Jose Luis Viejo Palacios – Spain
Olivares Manuel - Italy
Ortis S. Martha – Mexico
Raghuvanshi Alka – India
Rock Jill – UK
Sanchez Roberto - Italy
Singh Sangeeta – India
Soban Bogdan - Slovenia
Surya Ananda - India
STUDIO M3M - Italy
Svast Meritè - Argentina
Tuhácková Radka - Russia
Villena J.Antonio - Ecuador
Valletta Giovanni – Italy
Zhaobing Xu - China
Zeidan Salwa - Libano
Zelio Andrea- Italy
Marcos Voet - Argentina
Viale Susanna - Italy


The event "Giuseppe Garibaldi… freedom of man, a man of humanity…", which began last January at the Museum's historic Bergamo, now comes to Montevideo in a program of friendship between Italy and Uruguay throwing well, still, a bridge of brotherhood and solidarity among the peoples of the "two worlds".
A project that does revisit the ethical values through a Garibaldian civilian reconstruction fiction today, look back to those who grew up feeding the moral principles of contemporary democracies.
It also wants to shape, without emphasis, and the true image of Garibaldi through human language arts expressed by teachers of different nationalities and cultures that, two centuries after her birth, wanted to tell his life, his actions , its ideals.

One way to present and propose art of Free Artists International, founded on the concept of network: network between national institutions in various countries that promote culture, but especially - and this is the most significant - network of solidarity and exchange intense of experience between artists.

A poem of Ananda Surya; performance of L. Cristin, music by D. Della Rossa and C. Defazio, an arrangement of red shirts from various parts of the world of M. Pachner, a large sculpture / development of P. Sick and R. Montenero, paints and fofografie challenged by R. Sanchez, E. Olivares and Austrian C. Kertz, B. Hammer; photographs revised the computer to S. Bogdan, A. Bawa, C. Davinio and M. Marincas; valuable sculptures by G. Valletta, A. Di Rosa, G. Carluccio and the avant-garde of C. Cilianu; portraits of N. Baron, R. A. Keith, E. Marino, M. Voet, M. Sych, E. L. Lehoczky, N. Jacket, the ironies of Canadian M. Gautier and Chinese Forrest Yee, citing J. Rock and M. Cavia and then works Phoko, Raghuvanshi, Raic, Ortis, Nouvakis, Dario, Mally, Zelio, Ahlam, Tuhàckovà, Sing, Breger, Hojnik, Hamsea, Dobrescu, Engels, Cho, Brown, Begum, Akbar: A videoart . Tozzi, some poems in several languages, and more contributions are language and poetic to the data.

There was a vision of Garibaldi completely free, new, basic, while also an insight into the world of today., Which highlights the vital and dynamic aspects of contemporary made of ethnic and cultural sensitivities so far as neighbouring bramose of being in a common thought, Garibaldi in this case, and to regain their individuality in the encounter with the other different, yet very fraternal stranger.
But even a esternazione feelings strong current and projected perverse the game of life coeval that aggravates who daily life experiences, lives the drama of emigration, hunger, violence, war.

In the context of Montevideo, the exhibition is a partial exposure of collected works and offers visitors the opportunity to share the diversity of artistic languages, fragments of memory, aliti emotions, sensations strokes through continuous projection of images, movies, of videoart and my personal performance "Painting the sound."

In addition completes the exhibition a section "documents" of about 100 photographs of the trail's historical G. Garibaldi.

"Giuseppe Garibaldi… freedom of man, a man of humanity…" is a great example of transnational relations, which is in itself a symbol of contamination between cultures, forms of expression and ideas that enrich and complete the human life.

Free International Artists